Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Super Bat Cape

Today we took photos of the Super Bat Cape!  Gearing up for the Super Cape class at the Arts and Crafts Center.  This cape is essentially the same as the Super Cape, but with a scalloped "bat" edge.  I think this cape would be perfect for a vampire, a bat super hero, or a witch.  
Super Bat Cape ready for action!

A lovely silvery gray lining...
a Bat and Crescent Moon on the back emblem.... 

The Masked Super Bat!
 My Super Hero was so ready for action!  So many hours of fun to be had in a cape and mask! 


  1. Those are all great photos but the last one really cracked me up. Love it.

    Two great little models you have.

    And thanks for the congrats. I'm pretty happy.


  2. That looks like a cap ready for some superheroic action. It's what all the well-dressed crusaders will be wearing this season.

  3. I love the last one too. Bear is such a fun guy, he is always Super willing to do Super poses for pictures! He often wears a cape, and is very excited for this one to finish it's job as a window display and come home to be played with.

  4. When I was little I wore my Wonder Woman costume all the time. At the dinner table, swinging my feet, eating.

    Tin foil bullet bracelets and all.

  5. I love it! Did you have a magic lasso?

  6. That's awesome! I like the "wonnie woman" (as I called her as a kid) comments too. While Hollywood is on superhero kicks, I think it's just about time to showcase girl power!