Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Man and His Bag

I have wanted to make a "Man Bag" for awhile now, and Hubby's impending trip back to the Land of the Brave was just the kind of deadline I needed to actually get something done.  Designed to hold a Netbook or iPad, the prototype of the Man Bag is made from an up-cycled pair of pants and lined with an up-cycled dress shirt, sewn in contrasting red thread.  
 Pant side seams were used to add visual interest and the back pocket was used to add...well more pockets.
 The front flap covers a zippered front pocket.  For the prototype I used a zippered pocket straight off the pants.  I will include a front zippered pocket in future designs.
 The top also zips closed to completely conceal the Netbook, Kindle, iPod, pens, and passport on the inside....until someone unzips it, takes a picture, and posts it on her blog.  There are two pockets, two pen/pencil pockets and a padded divider on the inside.
 The prototype is padded to protect the electronics on the inside, however in future designs there will be some modifications to accommodate top stitching around the opening to the bag.  The top of the prototype would not fit under the presser foot of the sewing machine.
And He's OFF!  If you think he looks a little tired it's because the photo was taken at 6AM, and he's already been awake for 2 hours!  If you see him at GEN-CON ask him about his dice pocket.


  1. Very stylish. It's true: accessories make the outfit. :)

  2. Yes! A perfect bag! How I appreciate your work :) I am on the search for the perfect pattern for the perfect bag, and think I may have to make it myself. I have two designs that need to have a love child.

  3. Fantastic. Truly grand. Excellent work.

  4. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
    Donna, you crack me up, I'd love to see the love child!
    Thanks, Ivy!

  5. Great bag! I'll be looking forward to your pattern. And if someone accuses him of having a man-purse, he can truly say it's not a purse, it's European! :)