Saturday, November 12, 2011

Leaf Fairy

I've been thinking about this project since the beginning of Fall.  But it wasn't until yesterday that inspiration and time were both plentiful on the same day.  The Leaf Fairy was a culmination of three different ideas.  First, my mother started making leaf angels out of clay many years ago.  Then, some of the women at the Arts Center recently made adorable winter holiday angels out of corks, ribbons, and tissue paper.   Add those two inspirations to me wanting to share with my children the joys of making leaf rubbings and you get the fun, fall, kid friendly project of making a Leaf Fairy!   
Want to make your own Leaf Fairy?  They are really quite fun....
To begin, gather lots of beautiful leaves.  
Next, peel some crayons.  Then, place a leaf under a piece of construction paper and color over the leaf using the side of the crayon.  
Then, carefully cut around the outline of the leaf.  
Cut out a body from a heavier weight paper, we used paper intended for scrap books.  You can create your own body, or use the pattern provided HERE.  Tape the paper body around the cork.  We used corks from Procesco bottles because they are biggest at the bottom, come up to a neck, and the top looks like a head.  You could use a normal wine cork with a little glue.  
Next, glue the cutout leaves onto the body.  
After all of the leaves are glued on, make yarn hair.  First wind the yarn around your fingers, like so....  
Then  tie a knot.  The knot I used was off center to create long hair in the back and bangs in the front.  Then,  cut the loops that were formed by the knot.  
Finally, hot glue the hair on to the cork, along with a head band, and seed beads for the eyes and the nose.  

Baby Girl and I had such a fun time with this project.  I think it would be fun to try something similar with felt!


  1. Any project that involves unwrapping a crayon and using it long-ways, sounds like fun to me.

    The hair is fantastically fun, as well.

  2. Unwrapping crayons is one of my daughter's special skills, when she was a baby she would sit and unwrap crayon after crayon. I remember making leaf rubbings with my mom when I was a kid, I was thought it was so much fun!

  3. Those memories are wonderful to have.

    Home from prep, great great day. Thinking the new salad bar chick might work out. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    And now, I'm off to play in my lab. Hope your weekend is fill with much fun and happiness.

    Cheers & Eat Well.