Friday, November 4, 2011

Little Mama's Wrap

John and I carried both our babies in an EllaRoo Wrap for the first year of their lives.  Bouncing Boy explored the Pacific Northwest from his secure little perch, and Baby Girl we wrapped up and toted around Europe.  We all loved the wrap, babies and parents alike.  Babies were kept happy,warm, and close to the heart.  Part of my mission in life is to share the joys of the wrap with other Mamas and Papas.  I have taught several parents how to bundle up and wear their babies.  Initially learning to tie the wrap can be a little intimidating, but after a few days it becomes second nature. 

Sunday morning as we were getting ready to head out on a walk with our newest  "Wrap Club" converts,  Baby Girl asked if she could bring along her baby doll, Lisa.  Certainly!  Baby dolls are always welcome.  Baby Girl informed me Lisa would be needing a wrap, just like Baby Maria.  I was happy to oblige.  I used some reclaimed sheets my friend Paul recently rescued from a dumpster.    As it turns out the width of a queen sized fitted sheet is the perfect length for a Wrap for a 4 year old and her baby doll.

 Baby Girl earned the nickname, "Little Mama" for the day.  She carried Lisa all day long in the Wrap.  She was so excited, as she put it, to have "my very first wrap!"  

Little Mama with the Papas and Baby Maria
Now she is wearing her babies every time we go out!
Little Piglet Mama

And one final picture from Wrap Archive...


  1. Love the one for the doll. Too cute.

  2. The doll wrap is too cute. But what I really get a kick out of is recent fuzzy John vs. 7 years ago non-fuzzy John.

  3. All your photos are great. You have much talent and I enjoy reading your blog. In answer to your comment on my post ...

    I am Hungarian, but heritage aside ... for the type of lab work I do, weighing is the only way to experiment properly, as I move from draft to draft of each formula.

    That being said, when it comes to leves (soup), or red sauce, I don't measure but instead, rely on instinct and experience.

    Same with lekvars (jams). I don't measure or weigh, because there's no need, since I can make them in my sleep.

    Working on some doggy treats now. Just ground some organic flax seed to add to the dough.

    This is the second to last day of our staycation. Sure was fun.

  4. Hungarian, I had no idea. So are you in Europe or the States?
    In my humble opinion weighing makes more sense, as measuring with cups will give a different amount at a different time. Are your formulas going into a book?
    Love all the food posts! Love good food!