Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let the Candy Sorting Begin!

Around 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon the house looked like a craft bomb had exploded.  But, we had armbands, scarves, space princess crowns, and everything that needed hemming was hemmed and all things that need a little painting were painted.  We were ready for some good ol' trick-or-treat fun! 
So Piglet....
 Space Dude....
 and Space Princess....
 met up with Biglet and....
some friends for a fun evening of candy gathering.  

By the time we got home last night Piglet and Space Dude where asleep in the car, so first thing this morning the candy sorting, trading, and after breakfast, tasting began!  

Hope you had a.....


  1. Great fun. Great photos. Happy Holiday.

  2. We did! I can't decide who I like better, Biglet or Space Princess!

  3. I ate Chinese food as Space Princess after trick-or treating. Somehow I felt less out of place than usual. Space Princess may start finding her way out into everyday life, in small ways :o)

  4. I love the space princess! Do princesses get to carry blasters? That would finish the outfit! :)

    So how's the candy over there? I intentionally packed our bowl of give-outs with candy only I would eat (like Almond Joy, yum!). No one else likes nuts in their chocolate either. Pass it over, it's mine, all mine! Hee hee!