Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A New Jacket for Little Miss

I've been working on a BIG project.  I decided I am going to expand my pattern selection on Etsy to include children's clothing.  This jacket is the first design I am working on.  I made it through the design phase, all the reworks, and I finished "size 4" this weekend.

Little Miss loves the jacket!  I am happy with the way it turned out, as well.  

Today I moved on to grading the pattern.  I've been dragging my feet a bit on this step.  But finally decided to just do it!  I finished grading the front, back, sleeved, and hood to sizes 2, 3, 5, and 6.  Now to finish all of the other pieces, write the directions and put together a size 2 and a size 6, just to make sure everything goes together correctly.

I wanted the jacket to be classy with a hint of whimsy.  The sleeves are raglan sleeves with a twist, a fine detail inspired by a 1940's coat.  

The hood adds a certain pixie like quality.  I am especially pleased with the way the back turned out.    

The rolled up cuffs add both a splash of color and the practicality of growth room.  I think the red around the pocket opening adds a bit of visual interest.  For the outer jacket I used a medium weight wool, the lining is a cotton velveteen.  

Overall very excited with the progress so far, and perhaps even more excited to finish this project!


  1. Great detail and I love, love, love, the read. The hood is fantastic as well.

    Much luck to you on Etsy. Go get'em.


  2. I LOVE it! It makes me think of gnomes! :D IF I could sew and IF I had a sweet daughter, I would totally want to make one.

  3. Sweetest little jacket, Ever! can't wait to see this pattern available in your Etsy shop, I must have it!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely words of encouragement. She wore the coat over the Thanksgiving weekend while we were in Florence.